Business Skills & Investor Visas

Our firm regularly acts on behalf of clients in relation business skills and investor visa applications.

There are 5 streams of the 188/888 business skills and investor visas subclasses:

  • 188 A/ 888A Business Innovation Stream
  • 188 B/ 888 B Investor Stream
  • 188 C/ 888 C Significant Investor Stream
  • 188 D/ 888 D Premium Investor Stream
  • 188 E/ 888 E Entrepreneur Stream

The starting point for considering a business skill & investor stream visa is to have:

  • at least $1,250,000 AUD in net assets
  • have a significant ownership interest in a business that has had a turnover/revenue of at least $750,000 AUD in at least 2 out of the last 4 fiscal years

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