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    Perth Immigration Lawyer

    Loughton Yorke Lawyers are Migration Lawyers and registered Australian migration agents with a wealth of experience gained from years of practice. Located in Perth, Western Australia, we cater to the needs of individuals within Australia and abroad, specifically those that are interested in obtaining a visa for either temporary or permanent residence in Australia.

    The Australian Visa Application process is complex and without the right guidance, complications may arise. Loughton Yorke Lawyers aim to get you going in the right direction, first by ensuring that you are applying for the right kind of visa and secondly, by assessing you and your family to see whether you satisfy the required visa criteria. This saves you time and money and potentially increases your chances for getting your visa approved. Contacting us for a visa assessment can be done from wherever you are, thereby assuring you that you will not incur any unnecessary travel expenses if you’re located outside Australia.For individuals that are already within Australia and are looking to either change to permanent residency or extend their temporary residence visa, our team of experienced migration lawyers will walk you through your best options and ensure that the application process runs as smoothly and as quickly as possible. Loughton Yorke Lawyers are experienced in all areas of Australian Migration Law and will provide insightful advice and guidance on issues such as visa applications, visa cancellations and appealing visa refusals
    We Will Take Care of You

    Loughton Yorke Lawyers are a team of Australian Migration Lawyers and registered Migration Agents that offer an all-encompassing range of services pertaining to Australian immigration. We offer visa assessment, applications for various visas, contestation of refused visa applications and much more.

    Our immigration lawyers will also provide the right guidance and show you the best option for you to gain residence in Australia. The types of visas you may be eligible for include:

    Partner Visas

    Partner visas are for people in a spousal or defacto relationship. To qualify for a partner visa on defacto grounds, one must be in a relationship with an individual who is currently an Australian citizen, permanent Australian resident or any eligible New Zealand resident.

    Employer Sponsored Visas

    Employer sponsored visas that can allow you to gain temporary or permanent residence in Australia while you work.

    Visa Refusals and Cancellations

    In the event that your visa application is refused or cancelled for any number of reasons, contact us immediately. We will provide you with sound legal advice on how best to approach the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (Migration Division), which has the last say on the “merits” of your visa application. Getting the right kind of experience and expertise behind you improves the chances of a successful hearing and subsequently, the approval of your visa application.

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