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Navigating the ever-changing landscape of Australian Migration Law is complex without the guidance of a competent specialist. Often, individuals find themselves having to start from scratch after missing crucial deadlines or unwittingly omitting a small yet important part of the procedure. It is therefore not uncommon to see individuals reach hurdles in the application process and have no choice but to start the entire process all over again from their home country.

Loughton Yorke Lawyers offer you a guiding hand through the labyrinth that is Australian Migration Law by helping you avoid the various pitfalls that could cost you your entire visa application. It is imperative, however, that you talk with one of our specialists before beginning the application process for your immigration to Australia, as they will help you map out your entire visa pathway and enlighten you on your obligations and entitlements.

It is important to be properly informed before applying for a visa. Getting lost in the maze of visa subclasses is all too easy, and many applicants have realized their mistake a bit too late and have been forced to restart the whole process. Consulting with one of our specialists before embarking on your immigration journey will enable you to be informed of the right visa pathway you should take, the proper documentation that should accompany the application and, most importantly, the deadlines that should be met.

Loughton Yorke Lawyers caters for the legal needs of people who require assistance and sound legal advice when applying for a visa whether they are in Australia or outside the country. We will walk you through the viable options you have in terms of temporary or permanent residence in Australia and offer you insightful and invaluable legal advice in addition to proper legal representation before tribunals and courts.

We are based in Perth, Western Australia and we specialise in Australian Migration Law.

Our years of experience working in matters before the Department of Immigration and Border Protection and the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (Migration Division, formerly the Migration Review Tribunal) have equipped us with the right skill set to offer insightful legal advice on matters pertaining to the acquisition of visas for temporary residence and permanent residence in Australia. We can provide legal advice in relation to any kind of visa application, be it employer sponsored visas, general skilled migration visas, partner and family visas, business visas or tourist/visitor visas. We are also capable of offering sound legal advice on a variety of visa-related issues, including appeals, visa cancellations, health waivers, character issues and false and misleading information.

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